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Athens seeks geographical protection for Greek yogurt from EU

Staff Writer | September 11, 2017
The Greek Ministry of Agriculture is hoping to persuade the European Union to introduce rules which forbid “Greek yogurt” being produced anywhere but in Greece.
Greek yogurt
Food trade   Greece and the Czech Republic clashed
In 2016, Greece and the Czech Republic clashed after the latter produced “Greek” and “Greek-style” yogurt.

The European Union offers three special marks for products which are deemed unique — protected geographical indication (PGI), protected designation of origin (PDO) and traditional speciality guaranteed (TSG).

To qualify for PGI, a product must be produced, processed or prepared in a geographical area which it is associated with.

The EU will only give a product the PGI mark if they decide it has “a reputation, characteristics or qualities that are a result of the area.”

But Athens wants Greek yogurt to qualify for Protected Designation of Origin status as well as a PGI.

The Association of Greek Breeders has persuaded the Greek ministry of agriculture to establish a working group to prepare an application for it to get both PGI and PDO status.