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Argentina stimulates organic exports by eliminating taxes

Staff writer ▼ | February 27, 2016
ArgentinaThrough a decree published in the Official Gazette the government of Argentina eliminated taxes on organic products of plant origin in order to stimulate their export.
Argentina organic
Organic products   The main destinations are the United States and the European Union
The executive set the export rate duty for the product considered by national law organic at 0%, provided that they have the corresponding official documentation that proves it.

Organic food is the food that was never in contact with chemicals, toxins, or synthetic additives throughout its production process, from when it was grown, processed or packaged.

The main destinations for Argentinean organic products are the United States and the European Union. Argentina has 3.2 million hectares devoted to all kinds of organic productions, in all 23 provinces to export 170,500 tons.

Gonzalo Roca, secretary of the Argentine Movement for Organic Production (MAPO), said that "40 percent of the products are added value products, such as wines, juices, sugar cane pulp, flour, olive oil, rapeseed oil, and dehydrated ones such as apple, blueberry, molasses; there's a lot of variety."

According to the decree, Argentina has highly favorable ecological conditions for organic production and it has positioned itself as the second country in the world with regards to number of organic hectares.

The decree states that "the demand for organic products represents a market with a high potential for national development, and it is continuously growing at an international level."