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Argentina establishes export ban for lemons to EU after finding Citrus Black Spot

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 2, 2020
Due to findings of Citrus Black Spot in Argentinian lemons in European ports, Argentina made the decision to put an export ban into place starting July 1st which is to last for at least 15 days.
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The country is putting together a plan of action which will include additional measures to limit the risk of spreading until the end of the 2020 export season.

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All shipments that were sent prior to July 1st are exempt from the ban. These loads will be allowed to enter the ports and be exported by the European Union, given that they meet all the inspection requirements.

According to the representative of the lemon sector in Spain, this temporary ban on Argentinian lemon exports will not cause a shortage in the European markets as it occurs almost at the same time the Argentinian campaign ends.

"Argentina started sending lemons to Europe earlier this year because of the attractive market with sky-high demand for citrus caused by the COVID-19, and there are still many containers on the sea, on their way to Europe. In addition, South Africa will keep supplying Europe for a longer period and Spain is selling the last Verna lemons."

It should be noted that the European markets are rather quiet now in terms of demand. After the madness of April and May, as the coronavirus curve goes down, so it does the consumption.