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Aquaculture in UK creates around £100 million in revenue

Staff Writer | October 6, 2016
Seafish has published a report detailing the value of aquaculture to England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which analyses the economic contribution and value of the sector.
Aquaculture in UK
Seafood   UK aquaculture report
Although the contribution of aquaculture to the economies of England Wales and Northern Ireland is currently modest, it creates around £100 million in revenue and creates some 1,700 full time jobs.

The report reveals that English, Welsh and Northern Irish aquaculture presents opportunities for growth that do not exist in capture fisheries. The farming of aquatic species across the three nations also makes a substantial contribution to healthy recreation and leisure for millions of people.

Seafish’s report was commissioned by the Seafish Domestic Aquaculture Strategy Programme and is supported by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

The organisation said that although the socio-economic importance of aquaculture to Scotland is well-known, this is the first time a spotlight has been shone on the industry in the other three nations.