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Agriculture in recovery, says Italian minister Centinaio

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 15, 2019
"The data released by ISTAT on agriculture give us great hope.
Gian Marco Centinaio
Europe   Gian Marco Centinaio
"The sector holds up and grows, employment increases and we can finally speak of recovery, also thanks to the wine that records surprising growth and which places Italy in second place in Europe for production.

"We have been through a particularly difficult year, also due to the bad weather that has plagued the country from north to south, and not least were all the problems related to the Xylella emergency and to the olive and sheep sectors caprino and citrus fruit, all sectors on which we are intervening promptly, as we had not done for years, and which we will solve thanks to the Agriculture Emergencies".

This is what Gian Marco Centinaio, Minister of Agricultural Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies, declares.

"We have taken the right path. We continue to work with our heads down knowing that we must always do better and more.

"If we can also impose our voice in Europe, in the future CAP , certainly agriculture can aspire to become one of the leading sectors of the entire national economy ".