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Agriculture contributed just 0.5% to England’s GDP

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 19, 2020
In 2019 the Total Income from Farming for the United Kingdom is £5,278 million. England is the largest contributor accounting for 75% of this total, Scotland 14%, Northern Ireland and Wales 5% each.
UK fruit pickers
Agriculture   UK fruit pickers
Total Income from Farming in England rose by £534 million (15%) to £3,995 million.

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Agriculture contributed £8,106 million to the economy of England (Gross Value Added), an increase of £678 million (9%) on the year. Over ten years, on average, agriculture has added around 0.5% to England’s GDP.

Gross output rose by £572 million (3%) to £20,260 million, largely driven by the increase in crop production, in particular cereals. In general weather conditions were favourable, which helped boost yields. The value of total Livestock output rose by 1% to £9,685 million.

The cost of goods and services consumed in the production process fell by £106 million (-0.9%) to £12,154 million. In general, prices were higher and usage lower.