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Agreement to bring over 800 small aquaculture farms to certified facilities

Staff writer ▼ | March 17, 2016
U.S.-based division of Pacific Andes Group, National Fish & Seafood (NFS), has signed a MoU with the GAA (Global Aquaculture Alliance) and Vietnam-based Minh Phu, one of the largest aquaculture producers in the world.
Small aquaculture farm
Fish   An innovative approach for unifying small aquafarmers
The MoU will help bring over 800 small aquaculture farms into the ranks of certified facilities over the next 12 months, enabling them to then meet the demands of the marketplace for certified shrimp.

Additionally, these farms are deploying an innovative approach to aquaculture within the sensitive and vulnerable mangrove forest environment – through a method that enables the mangroves to benefit and thrive while enriching the aquaculture ecosystem.

This MoU supports an innovative approach for unifying small aquafarmers that would typically lack infrastructure, training and resources to access the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification processes independently.

It empowers them to become certified as a group – elevating each farm’s ability to sell their product successfully to an increasingly competitive and selective marketplace, which demands BAP certification to ensure the highest standards of production and quality.

The program supported by the MoU also includes a unique environmental benefit due to the integrated mangrove forest shrimp farming being practiced by a number of the farms participating.

Integrated mangrove forest shrimp farming combines the economic use of mangrove forests with shrimp aquaculture. As a result, mangrove forests are maintained and preserved to provide habitat and food for the animals that are raised in small channels and ponds within the forest.