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78% of tuna catch comes healthy stocks

Staff Writer | November 3, 2017
Seventy-eight percent of the global tuna catch comes from stocks at healthy levels, an increase of 2 percent since last reported, according to a new publication.
tuna catch
Fish   Seafood Sustainability Foundation
The November 2017 International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) Status of the Stocks report shows that 11 percent of the global catch came from overfished stocks, and another 11 percent of the catch is from stocks at an intermediate level of abundance.

Updated several times per year, Status of the Stocks ranks the 23 stocks of major commercial tunas around the world using a consistent methodology.

The report assigns color ratings (green, yellow or orange) on stock health, alternately noted as “abundance” and “spawning biomass”; fishing mortality; and ecosystem impact.

In 2015, the total major commercial tuna catch was 4.8 million tonnes, a 4% decrease from 2014.

More than half of the total catch (58%) was skipjack tuna, followed by yellowfin (28%), bigeye (8%) and albacore (4%). Bluefin tunas accounted for only 1% of the global catch. These percentages did not change from the February 2017 report.