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2nd outbreak of bird flu recorded in Philippines

Staff Writer | August 18, 2017
The Philippines has recorded a second outbreak of bird flu in another province on the main Luzon island, the Department of Agriculture said on Friday.
Philippines bird flu
Asia   Culling more than 400,000 chickens
Secretary of Department of Agriculture Emmanuel Pinol said a series of laboratory tests confirmed an outbreak of avian flu on a quail and poultry farms in the province of Nueva Ecija, north of the capital Manila.

A 1-km quarantine radius has been declared in Nueva Ecija in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus after the flu has wiped out a quail farm.

The bird flu outbreak in Nueva Ecija came a week after the Philippine government confirmed a bird flu outbreak on a poultry farm in San Luis town in Pampanga province.

Philippine authorities are in the process of culling more than 400,000 chickens, quail and ducks in Pampanga to contain the outbreak.