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€1 billion available for Irish rural areas

Christian Fernsby ▼ | December 18, 2019
The Irish Department of Rural and Community Development is seeking proposals for its €1 billion regeneration fund which will support a range of projects over the next 10 years.
Rural Regeneration and Development Fund
Rural life in Ireland   Rural Regeneration and Development Fund
Under Project Ireland 2040, the Rural Regeneration and Development Fund will support the renewal of small towns, villages and outlying rural areas through transformative large-scale projects. Initial funding of €315 million is being allocated on a phased basis over the period 2019 to 2022.

Topics: Irish rural

The types of initiatives which the Fund will support include (but are not limited to):

• measures to encourage residential living or commercial development in town centres including by investing in vacant buildings

• improving public spaces in towns and villages and the development of areas and buildings for community facilities

• projects that support job creation, entrepreneurship and innovation (e.g. development of Digital Hubs, Enterprise Hubs, Creative Hubs, training facilities)

• measures to tackle social disadvantage

• tourism initiatives which attract visitors to rural areas

• improving walking, cycling, and public transport access to and within towns and villages (including improvements to roads, bridges and car parking facilities).

• the provision and enhancement of recreational or leisure facilities

Category 2 of the Fund will support the early development of projects to enable them to reach a stage where the concept is developed to a high standard and the project is in a position to commence works. Projects could subsequently apply for further funding through Category 1 of the Fund, which supports the delivery and completion of projects which have full planning permission and other necessary consents in place.