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Sri Lanka probes €547,500 potato burial

Christian Fernsby ▼ | August 21, 2019
According to Economic Reforms and Public Distribution Minister Harsha de Silva, Sri Lanka's Industry and Commerce Ministry had bought 108 million rupees (€547,500) of potatoes, only to bury them during a so-called 52 day 'political crisis'.
Sri Lanka potato
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"I have asked for an investigation," Minister de Silva told reporters, "They bought potatoes from Welimada and put them in a paddy store. You cannot do that. The potatoes turned into worm infested piles of garbage. Then all this was buried. The cost was 108 million rupees, including transport."

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Following a request for an investigation, a committee had probed the matter. "For the first time we are going to file charges, and take them to court," de Silva said. "They will have to pay."

A climate controlled warehouse is now being built in Dambulla, with the help of a 300 million rupee grant from India. The Dambulla warehouse will have compartments which will have separate areas, each with different temperatures. De Silva's ministry put in 225 million rupees.

"You can imagine; 108 million rupees being busted on these potatoes," de Silva said.