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Adriana First
Oppo R7: Premium feel, stylish and powerful
Oppo R7The newly released Oppo R7 is a powerful but affordable smartphone with very good all-metal body and design that's above its price range.

Small and cool, best of IFA 2015 gadgets
IFA 2015 BerlinWe saw many cool gadgets on IFA 2015 but nothing that will blow us out of our shoes. However, there are some innovative gadgets deserved to be mentioned because they are either based on new ideas or are taking the existing technologies to another level.

The best tablet from Samsung, the best tablet of the year
Galaxy Tab S2Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S2, a new Android tablet that’s only 5.6mm thick, 0.6mm less than Apple iPad Air 2. It looks good, has impressive specs and looks like the best tablet on the market today.

The OnePlus 2 smartphone sensation by OnePlus
OnePlus 2When you put your smartphone on sale and 30,000 units are sold in just 64 seconds, that means you are doing something right. The OnePlus 2 by OnePlus is a device some call the iPhone killer and of all phones out there it's maybe the closest to that definition.

New gadgets from the Land of the Rising Sun
New gadgetsFrom the home country of the most interesting gadgets in the world, we bring you some new ideas and devices that are useful and entertaining at the same time. Here is the collection of new gadgets made in Japan.

A lot of power inside reasonably priced Huawei Honor 4C
Huawei Honor 4CHuawei has launched its latest entry-level handset and it is offering a very good deal: the Honor 4C comes with a 720p display, 13MP camera and octa-core CPU for $128.

Huawei P8, big display, small price, a lot of power
Huawei P8Huawei presented its new P8, a smartphone with a big display but cheaper than some other high-end devices. And it has some nice features too.

BlackBerry Leap - avoid it if you can
BlackBerry LeapBlackBerry Leap smartphone is a 5-inch full-touch smartphone for which the company says it is aimed at the young power professionals. Marketing talk aside, this is a nice mid-range phone. If you like BlackBerry.

Kodak IM5 for easy use and high-end photography
Kodak IM5Photography brand Kodak and specialist mobile device manufacturer Bullitt Group made the Kodak IM5, a 5" HD Android smartphone aiming to be easier to use than other devices on the market.

Lumia 540 Dual SIM: Big screen, low price
Lumia 540 Dual SIMIt seems that Lumias are following the strategy of Nokia from the old days: make them as many as you can! There's no shortage of new entry- and mid-range Lumia smartphones but this new Lumia 540 Dual SIM is an interesting model.

Microsoft Surface 3 - A business workhorse
Microsoft Surface 3Microsoft introduced the Surface 3, its newest tablet. There was no big bang and no spectacular press conference and this is a shame: this device certainly deserves our attention.

The best tablets for high-end users
TabletsWe are still early in 2015 but there are tablets out there that will mark this year, that's for sure. Here are five of them, from the "display king" to MS-productivity devices.

WYX multimedia dock, finally something truly unique on the market
WYXThe WYX multimedia dock could very well be the most powerful dock out there. It is a smart dock, also a power bank, and if developed fully it can be used for any Android and iOS device.

Apple Watch forces you to look at your wrist instead at your iPhone
Apple WatchA report by Adobe Digital Index (ADI), which collected the feedback from 1,000 US consumers, found that 27% of people who own a smartphone or tablet, and don't already own a smartwatch, are likely or very likely to buy a smartwatch over the next six months.

The most interesting Barcelona phones that will shape the future
BarcelonaFrom well-established players like BlackBerry to new names like Gionee, this year's Mobile World Congress was all about new and exciting smartphones. Here are five most interesting devices that will shape this year's phone world.