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Abraham Eisenstein, M.D.: Page 4

Exercising with professor Eisenstein
First time in the gymOctober 6, 2010 ET
So, you decided to start exercising. That's great because it's never too early or too late for that, but at the beginning you must be very careful or you will do more harm than good. You don't need to make a plan - we made it for you.
God bless you!
Dust mite allergySeptember 29, 2010 ET
So, you are dusting and you are constantly sneezing and you hands are itchy. A half an hour later everything is normal again. Well, you have dust mite allergy and you can consider yourself lucky for having such mild symptoms.
Can I infect other people? Yes, you can.
TapewormSeptember 22, 2010 ET
Tapeworm infection is very annoying infection that can be solved very successfully, but it can also end with very serious consequences.
If I remember well, the prognosis is positive
Transient global amnesiaSeptember 15, 2010 ET
If you are healthy and experience sudden but temporary memory loss, don\'t worry. You just experienced transient global amnesia, a condition that as a rule of thumb is not dangerous.
How our brain defines us as individual beings
Brain restingSeptember 10, 2010 ET
When you are just sitting and doing nothing, what is your brain doing? What happens when you are wandering around, looking at nature and "resting your brain?" Well, it turned out that your brain is very busy defining yourself as an individual being.
Learn to love your wrinkles
WrinklesSeptember 8, 2010 ET
As the years are passing by, our skin becomes drier and as a consequence it is less elastic. It also loses the ability to protect us and itself from damage, and one of the most visible results of those processes are wrinkles.
Gallstones - the reason to leave fat food
August 25, 2010 ET
If you feel strong pain in the upper abdomen between the shoulder blades and under the right shoulder, most probably you have gallstones. Gallstones can block the normal flow of liquid and if the block exists for a longer period it can cause serious, even fatal, condition.
When a limb is broken
Ancle fractureJuly 14, 2010 ET
Broken bones are among the most common orthopaedic problems, tens of millions of patients come to the doctor each year. If you live in a developed country you can expect two fractures in your lifetime.
Swollen red gums that bleed when pressured
Trench mouthJuly 7, 2010 ET
Trench mouth is a painful type of gum swelling. It occurs when there are too many mouth bacteria in which case they cause gum infection.
Deadly brain disorder
Creutzfeldt-Jakob left, healthy brain rightJune 9, 2010 ET
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is a rare but unfortunately deadly brain disorder which usually appears after 60 years of age and progresses rapidly.
The intra-gastric balloon
The intra-gastric balloonMay 26, 2010 ET
If you want to lose weight or you are extremely overweight, the intra-gastric balloon may be the answer.
It's not so heavy. It was too heavy - Hernia
HerniaMay 19, 2010 ET
So, you decided to move that heavy old table all by yourself and you suddenly experienced a pain in the abdomen? Maybe you got hernia and it's time to see the doctor immediately.
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