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All sunshine makes the desert
SaharaSahara, the largest desert in the world, is a fascinating world of high and low temperatures, sand and rain, dead and live areas.

You can't sit on too many chairs
Board of directorsTo be a member of the board is a very demanding job because you participate in the creation of company strategy. So, is it possible to sit on more than one board at the same time and still do your best?

Short and productive meetings
MeetingMeetings are one aspect of a business life that can't be avoided. However, there are two problems with meetings: many just hate them, and they are time-wasters. But it doesn't have to be that way.

How to negotiate your salary
NegotiatingIt's a crisis and layoffs all around you. So, if you are offered a job you will accept it no matter what's the salary, right? Well, that's wrong - you can do better than that.

Marketing luxury products in crisis
Luxury productsThe market for luxury product is hit by crisis just like any other market, but in fact it's in a much trickier position. The marketing strategies must be chosen very carefully.

The danger of merger
Mergers and acquisitionsWe are in crisis and that's a good time for mergers and acquisitions. But, M&A can go both ways: it can bring value to shareholders, but it can also ruin both companies.

When marketing fails
Marketing mistakesNo matter how good your product is, the bad marketing decision can ruin all your efforts and your company, too. Here are some of the biggest marketing mistakes of all times.

Team management
Team managementTo lead a team can be a frustrating experience but if you divide the problem in a few easy steps you can manage any project with ease.

How to minimize the damage
Crisis managementA crisis can hit any company any time. In fact, it will hit - the only question is how hard. However, with a few simple steps you can be prepared and minimize the damage.

Decision making in crisis
Decision makingDecision making is always a hard task and in times of economic uncertainties it is even harder because much more is at stake.

How to avoid the most common mistakes
Manager's mistakesWhen you become a manager or step in a new company, one thing is for sure: you will make mistakes, that's life. The wisdom is to learn from them and to learn from mistakes of others.

The rush to open a stock market
Stock marketWhat is the purpose of the stock market? The question is not as silly as it looks: if a country wants a stock market at any price, that may lead to a disaster.

You are good, now what?
Self-promotionEvery business consultant heard the following question more than once: "Nobody knows me, what should I do?" If you conduct even the smallest research, you will find that even great professionals can be shy and without self-promotion.

Make office gossip work for you
Office gossipAlthough virtually every chief executive doesn't like office gossip, it can be very useful - if you put it under control.

There's no fear in Dubai
DubaiThe new about Dubai's debt shocked the world and there are two reasons for that: Dubai was the symbol of a great wealth, and it was forgotten that global crisis is just that: global.

How to assemble a successful negotiating team
Negotiating teamYou are leading your team in negotiations with a very important client. Everything goes just fine and smooth until your colleague says "OK, what more can we do to please you?!" At that very moment your team member destroyed your initiative and probably the deal.

Basic business customs, Part II
business_customsWestern businessmen very often have mixed emotions about doing business with United Arab Emirates. Some of them think that UAE is still very closed civilization and some that the whole world is globalized and works in the western way. However, the truth is in the middle.

Basic business customs, Part I
business customsWhen doing business in a foreign country cultural differences are of great importance. Fantastic presentation, brilliant idea and good-looking numbers mean nothing if you don't know what is acceptable in other culture and what is not.