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Von Schweikert VR-11SE MkII, pure perfection

Von Schweikert VR-11SE MkII
Loudspeakers   From research labs to our ears

The VR-11SE MkII with proprietary Acoustic Inverse Replication (A.I.R.) technology, developed by Albert Von Schweikert while at California Institute of Technology, brings the live performance to your home. Simply put: that's $225,000 well spent.

Von Schweikert VR-11SE MkIIA.I.R. employs our famous Global Axis Integration Network to enable Von Schweikert VR-11SE MkII to replicate the inverse of recording microphone signal, thus decoding the dimensionality of the actual recorded event. In combination with its rear-firing Ambience Retrieval System, the VR-11SE MkII will provide thrilling realism very, very close to a live performance. A key ingredient of the VR-11SE MkII’s magic is the extreme dynamic range offered by its 96dB sensitivity.

Von Schweikert VR-11SE MkIILive music has a tremendous dynamic range, which most speakers compress to the point of sounding canned. Conventional, low/mid efficiency speakers lack jump factor and lose the excitement of the live event. In addition, a veil is imparted by inefficient drive units and dissipation of low level detail by commercial-grade crossover parts. The VR-11SE MkII eliminates these problems by using large magnet/low distortion drivers in a line source time-aligned array, in conjunction with extremely advanced crossover parts, internal wiring, and binding posts.

The resulting dynamic range, clarity, and transparency are shocking; the VR-11SE MkII is as close to live as it gets.

Von Schweikert VR-11SE MkIIThe VR-9 & the VR-11 are both adjustable from bass to treble to match any room condition, electronics, or listening taste. The controls include subwoofer level, subwoofer frequency, front tweeter level, super tweeter level and a rear ambience level control. The controls for the front tweeters and super tweeters are 20 position auto formers that do not degrade the signal. Purchase of the VR-11SE MkII includes a visit from a trained engineer or technician to help fine tune the system to your satisfaction.

Von Schweikert VR-11SE MkIIAlbert Von Schweikert has more than 30 industry awards and he translates pure science - which is hard to understand if you're not deeply involved in all aspects of acoustics and sounds - into pure listening perfection. On the other hand, the company pays more attention to research and engineering rather than marketing and that's why they could turn the ugliest part of electronics into a perfect Hi-Fi device. When you put all that together, the conclusion is simple: that's $225,000 well spent.



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