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Loudspeakers   Years and years of innovation

Triangle, pleasant loudspeaker surprise from France

Triangle Signature DeltaOver the years, Triangle has developed and patented innovations, improving upon the mechanics and vibrations of loud speakers.

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Triangle Signature DeltaEvery driver has been entirely redesigned. A new 185cm aluminum basket with better ventilation, new version of treated paper cones to increase clarity and top quality components to benefit from greater transparency and a more refined tonal balance. The Delta model was the company’s starting point in terms of research for this range. Other unique technology such as the twin vent and the SPEC system play their part in making Trigangle’s speakers unique.

Triangle Signature DeltaThe Signature cabinets are made from 7 high-density fiberboards of 3mm bent with a press so as to obtain an overall thickness of 21mm. This high-density cabinet helps to considerably reduce the speaker’s vibratory behavior. The top of the cabinet is beveled at an angle of 5° to round off the edges and to better reflect light. This level of attention to the finest detail is the key of to a high quality product

Triangle Signature DeltaTweeter TZ2550 with its 25mm titanium dome is accompanied by a new phasing room. Injected aluminum and satin finish provides improved high frequency dispersion. The cavity in the back of the tweeter has also been revised, increasing the compression volume which allows better damping avoiding the return of back waves on the dome. These optimizations have the effect of improving high frequency in terms of detail, smoothness and transparency and a reduction in distortion.

Triangle Signature DeltaIn view of embellishing this woodwork and of achieving a special luster, either seven or ten coats of paint are added during production in order to reach the “piano lacquer” finish. The cabinets are carefully polished to remove any flaws before adding a new layer of paint. Now, French is not the first name when you are thinking about new loudspeakers but you should take a look at Triangle Signature Delta before you buy something. You would be surprised.

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