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The OnePlus 2 smartphone sensation by OnePlus

OnePlus 2
Smartphone   The new smartphone by OnePlus is brilliant

When you put your smartphone on sale and 30,000 units are sold in just 64 seconds, that means you are doing something right. The OnePlus 2 by OnePlus is a device some call the iPhone killer and of all phones out there it's maybe the closest to that definition.

OnePlus 2Just like their first phone, OnePlus launched 2 the sale with an obligatory invitation and day later it put 30,000 devices up for sale without the need for an invite. And the reaction was spectacular. Almost two million people registered for the new smartphone and there were lines in London where people waited for more than 10 hours for a chance to buy themselves the OnePlus 2. Yes, it reminds a bit on Apple sales but the new OnePlus deserves that kind of attention.

OnePlus 2The OnePlus 2 is built on 64-bit architecture, the ultra-premium Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with 4G LTE connection and an octa-core CPU is under the hood and the Adreno 430 graphic processor is taking care of all graphically intensive tasks, read: games, you could run on it. The device has 4GB of RAM, and a 3,300 mAh battery is providing enough energy for any task imaginable. The 5.5" IPS LCD display produces incredibly sharp lines and true-to-life colors, a feature that every use will love, not just movie fans.

OnePlus 2The OnePlus 2 comes carrier-unlocked with wide range band support for service providers worldwide. And, with dual SIM capabilities, you can connect to two networks simultaneously to travel with ease. The software is OxygenOS, company's own light, powerful version built on Android. You can use Dark Mode for a look that is easy on the eyes, you may change accent color to express your personal style, and there is also support for custom icons packs in almost any format, allowing you to change the look and feel of your device as you wish.

OnePlus 2Security and speed are high on the list of OnePlus. As they say, a few seconds it takes to input a password add up to hours of wasted time each week. So, you can save time and store up to five unique fingerprints to unlock your device with a simple press, in less than half a second. And this works perfectly. It's easy to setup, it works flawlessly in any phone orientation and you don't have to turn on the screen or swipe. Magic.

OnePlus 2The phone works balzigly fast, it is very responsive, app switching works like a charm, and it is obvious that OxygenOS doesn't put any additional strain on the device. Since there was some concern about overheating, OxygenOS doesn't run software on two adjoining chip cores at the same time and there is also a copper sink to help with dissipation. As everything else, the 13 megapixel camera - with 35% larger pixels, optical image stabilisation, 4K video recording, and a laser-focusing system - work very fast and is very responsive.

The OnePlus 2 is the best smartphone we can recommend. It looks nice with its metal body and excellent covers, it is built well, and it can give you everything you need from a phone. Our choice.


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