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It took four years to paint a mouse
solar mouseFriday August 3, 2007 4:17PM ET
When the minister comes to presentation of computer mouse, you'd think that it must be "uber-mouse". In Netherlands the Delft University of Technology unveiled world's first photovoltaic-powered computer mouse.
15 years of ThinkPad: From tablet to laptop to Lenovo
ibm think pad 15 years lenovoThursday July 26, 2007 2:46PM ET
The legend among the laptops came to world 15 years ago. The name itself became a synonym for a robust, sturdy, reliable business laptop. The cult laptop hit the shelves in July 1992 although IBM introduced three months ago that same year. The most interesting fact about ThinkPad is its form: It came to life as a tablet.
Roboquad: Seven batteries, four legs and three moods
wowwee roboquad robot toyTuesday July 10, 2007 2:51PM ET
There are many things that we call robots these days. Some of them assemble cars in factory, while other are merely children’s toys. Yet, the "true robot" that can live up to Karel Capek's expectation is still to come.
You've just entered The Twilight Zone
flying police drone hi techSunday July 1, 2007 3:42PM ET
The concept of flying drones is known from SF films, and from research laboratories ranging from military's to MIT's. Well, the small, ball-like device, which flies around, takes pictures and send 'em to the ground is reality for British police.
The phone king is finally here
iphone apple mobileSaturday June 30, 2007 2:33PM ET
After many months of waiting, assumptions, "secret" photos, the new Phone King is finally in the US stores. Is the iPhone the best phone around? Probably not. Is it the most beautiful? Can't say, tastes are different. Does it brings some stellar new technology? Not really, the multi-touch screen is well-known. However... However, iPhone has something that only Apple can create: charisma.
Hit the road Jack
kenwood kvt 729 dvdTuesday June 19, 2007 2:10PM ET
Hours and hours of planning, reading the map, packing things, and all that for just two weeks of holiday. Usually, we don't spend so much time planning which music we will listen on a trip. Well, with Kenwood KVT-729DVD, we certainly will.
Touch the surface of Surface
microsoft surface pictureTuesday June 5, 2007 5:00PM ET
After years and years in and around IT business and gadgets of all kinds, there aren't many things that can make me go "Wow! That's it!” The technology is evolving, but the true revolution is hard to see. However, the new Sruface from Microsoft is one of those rare/very rare/almost-inexistent products that really amazed me.
Spending quality time even when not at home
digital photo frameFriday May 18, 2007 3:50PM ET
If you are a manager, that means you travel a lot. And if you are frequent traveler that means you don't spend much time with your family. But, thanks to the products of digital age, you can be home every day, at least digitally.
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