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Great new mobile phone concept

mobile phone concept pillow philipsAfter many years of research, Philips and New Venture Partners created a start-up company named Liquavista. That was a year ago and the mission is to use the Electrowetting technology to make displays that are very bright and energy-efficient.

Those two are the most critical features for mobile devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players. Electrowetting offers vivid colors, video speed and "exceptional viewability even in bright sunlight", says Philips.

Although that technology is very interesting, here we'd like to emphasize the use of the technology. One fine example is Soft Mobile Phone Concept devised by Roman Kriheli. Mr. Kriheli used Philips' technology and some polymers to create new mobile phone that could be a real hit.

mobile phone concept pillow philipsFirst, the phone's housing is plastic and flexible. Between the module with microchip and the casing there is a soft polymer inserted. Display is meant to be flexible with resolution 433 x 266 pixels, and 2,75-inch diagonal. The display and the keys are located on the surface. It looks like someone actually drew the keys and the display on the piece of carton. The Electrowetting display looks just like the rest of the phone - until the signal is present. Then the picture is displayed and display is fast, fast enough for you to view video on it.

Other technical amenities: Bluetooth for wireless connection, and a molecular battery that is charged when the phone is laid on a special pad connected to the wall. The charging is, thus, without any wire.

Those technologies are impressive, indeed, but the real thing is the phone's softness. You could drop it, sit on it, driver over it (OK, with reasonable small automobile)... And it will work. Resembling toothpaste, it you like, filled with state of the art technology. It would be nice to see it in a store near us.


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