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Amazing look and even better sound of Elac Concentro loudspeakers

Elac Concentro
Audio   Amplifiers with at least 100 wpc are recommended

More than 5½–ft (158 cm) tall and weighing more than 300 lbs (136 kg), Elac Concentro can bring the perfect sound to your home at just around $70,000. Yes, "just," because those loudspeakers are among the best you can find out there.

Elac ConcentroIts elliptical cabinet is crafted to the finest furniture-grade perfection and finished in high-gloss white or black epoxy, or to specification in any color in between. The Concentro cannot be mistaken for any other speaker, with a complex base machined from a single block of aluminum and weighing more than 55 pounds. Integral oval side panels of precious wood, carbon fiber or leather surround a pair of side-firing 250mm woofers on either side of the enclosure.

Elac ConcentroThe eye-catching surface of the crystal membrane is more than just an attractive design feature. The midrange/woofers employs the Crystal Membrane and the design is based on ELAC’s Aluminum-Sandwich AS Technology. The crystal-shaped inverse aluminum dome is joined to the paper cone in a special gluing process to result in the desired sandwich construction. The aluminum-foil stamping stiffens the aluminum dome, diminishing resonances and minimizing coloration, while improving power handling and dynamics.

Elac ConcentroThese newly-developed units feature smooth, stiff aluminum-sandwich diaphragms, and fire in a push-push/pull-pull configuration that delivers maximum energy and accuracy, down to the lowest octave. The back of the cabinet features twin ports for the bass drivers. The sophisticated front baffle features curves that allow optimum propagation and dispersion of sound waves from the two drivers. On top is a dual-concentric 127mm midrange with JET-5 tweeter at its acoustic center.

Elac ConcentroBeneath this is a front-firing 177mm crystal membrane mid-woofer. The whole results in a near point-source presentation of the sound source, micro-accuracy and flawless, pinpoint imaging. Meanwhile, dynamic range is nearly unlimited. The Concentro presents a benign impedance load to most amplifiers, and has good sensitivity that allow it to reach impressive levels with even modestly powered amplifiers. However, high-current, amplifiers with output of at least 100 wpc are recommended.


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