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Aavik U-300 is so much more than an integrated amplifier

Aavik U-300
Audio   The Aavik U-300 RIAA section is based on ultra-low noise circuit

With the Aavik U-300, you get one unit that has it all: a great amplifier, 3 analog line inputs, a phono RIAA section and a superb 24 bit/192 kHz DAC.

Aavik U-300The Aavik U-300 RIAA section is based on a discreet, floating, balanced, ultra-low noise, bipolar input circuit. By nature, the topology of a moving coil cartridge is a floating, balanced signal generator. The floating input circuitry allows Aavik to use ultra-low noise, bipolar transistors. By paralleling several transistor pairs, Aavik created a dead-quiet input section. The Aavik U-300 phono stage has a 62 dB gain, and the cartridge loading is adjustable from 50 ohm to 5 kOhm.

Aavik U-300The Aavik U-300 DAC section is designed around 5 digital inputs, which all excel in performance. The DAC performs without any digital signature, which makes any music sound "analog". The DAC's circuits are fitted with ultra-low jitter onboard clocks in order to minimize timing errors in the digital-to-analog conversion. In the Aavik U-300 all DAC circuits are isolated with 13 onboard, separate low-noise, high-PSSR voltage regulators each feeding only one stage of the signal handling.

Aavik U-300The USB input is galvanic isolated to avoid noise pollution from the host. The digital signals from the 5 digital inputs are routed to an ASRC, where they are resampled and re-clocked to 200 kHz/24 bit PCM, feeding current output DAC chips. The current-to-voltage conversion is performed with a differential floating topology with virtual GND. This isolates the signal path from the potential GND noise and signal induced GND modulation.

Aavik U-300The Aavik U-300 design is typical Scandinavian, with a simplistic functionality and a minimalistic look. The cover is made of anodized aluminum, which gives it a stunning matte black finish. The only other colors seen on the front panel of the Aavik U-300 are small LED lights indicating your current volume/gain/source/cartridge settings and three silver buttons on the top panel. Adjusting the Aavik U-300 settings is easy, because all settings are controlled with the three buttons and a big rotating knob.


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