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To fly where you never flew before. With your own plane

cessna mustang aA CEO is a CEO, no matter if she serves at company with market capitalization of $500 billions, or $50 millions. Frequent flying is normal routine, and that is on of reasons why airliners live well. However, in some cases, or should we say in lot of cases, it is more convenient to have own private jet.

First, it is ready when you are. There's no waiting at the airport for hours, one can go wherever he pleases, and it is not just for billionaires. And all that are real money savers.

Thanks to new class of jets called VLJ (in English: Very Light Jet), the dream of having a private jet came true. Behind the very light jets lies advances in science and technologies (like behind every new thing in everyday life), and that means that today is possible to design, test and build a jet which will cost about $1.5 million. And that's nothing compared to custom-designed A300 which goes for $450 millions. And in terms of usability, your "cheap" jet is not hundreds of times worse than A300.

cessna mustang bSo, where to find a very light jet? More and more companies are entering the industry, and we'll cover a few of them for you just to get the picture.

If you are in air-industry, or air hobby, in some way, the first name that comes to mind is Cessna. Their Citation Mustang, a part of Cessna's business range is a new member of well-known Citation family. Cessna Mustang has a maximum cruise speed of 630 km/hr, the ceiling of 41 000 feet, and with full fuel and takeoff weight it will go over 2000 kilometers.

Maybe the more important detail for you is passenger cabin. It is very nice designed, with modern styling and large windows for panoramic view. Seats are of custom design, with very good materials and excellent craftsmanship that makes it suitable for long fly (and we must mention the quiet in the cabin which is important equally while you working and for you mental health while just looking at the clouds).

Cessna's engineers will make necessary changes that suites you with, as they state, "with respect to interior appointments, avionics, and other optional equipment", so the final price will vary. If our information are right, the first customers paid about $2.5 million for their Mustangs.
eclipse bThe second VLJ that we present here is Eclipse 500 of Eclipse Aviation. It has maximum cruise speed of 685 km/hr, maximum altitude is 12 497 meters and it will go over 2000 kilometers.

It has six seats with leather seating surface (of excellent craftsmanship, not to be forgotten), the climate control system with independent zone temperature controls for both cockpit and cabin. Cockpit and cabin temperature settings are selected by the pilot and are automatically regulated by system known as Avio NG.

eclipse aviation e500The engines of Eclipse 500 are designed to operate for 2 000 hours per year and engineers made the engines which are easy and cost-efficient to maintain, and the plain itself is designed with reliability in mind. Eclipse 500 can be customized, but you already know that, and the price is around $1.5 millions.

So, thanks to advances in science and technology, these days a private jet is not just a dream. There are many details that comes to mind when choosing one, from the avionics to interior, from base model to heavily customized, but it makes sense to start dreaming about one of those private light jets. And, maybe, to make some calls?


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