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The new Nautor's Swan 60

Nautor's Swan 60Forget the data and numbers. You should touch Swan 60, fell her and take her to blue waters. Then you'll see why the owner of Nautor's Swan say that their hearts are captured forever.

It may sound as a strange place to build a boat, but in fact it makes a lot of sense. There is a small town in Finland named Jakobstad and as most of its relatives it lives in harsh climate conditions. To describe the living conditions it's enough to say that sea is frozen five months of the year. Few days more or less, but you got the picture.

Nautor's Swan 60From the other side, that is the perfect place for building a boat because if she stands the northern sea she certainly will feel fine somewhere around Caribbean. Mr. Pekka Koskenkyla had a dream of building a yacht that will be rugged and durable and at the same time easy to manage. His country gave him advantage because people there were building good boat for hundreds of years. Mr. Pekka founded Nautor's Swan in 1966 and the recipe was very simple but profound: A piece of Nordic magic, a piece of excellent craftsmanship and a dream. The first was there for centuries, the second from 17th century, and his dream connected the ancient and the new in fantastic boats.

Mr. Pekka succeeded in creating beautiful, durable and easy to manage boats that were not afraid of any sea in the world and any weather condition. Nordic gods, I believe, linked Nautor's Swan with Leonardo Ferragamo and in 1998 the new wind started to blow around Nautor's Swan. Those were good winds and Mr. Pekka's dream, not to be forgotten that he started as a paper sack salesman in a small town near the Arctic Circle, was on its way to conquer the boat markets and hearts of the owners.

Nautor's Swan 60Nautor's Swan's attention to details is the main reason for its success. For example, a sample of the deck of each yacht is kept at the factory, so that an exact replacement could be made if required. Outstanding, indeed. That detail shows that it's not about money, it's about passion and love.

The first Swan 36 was finished in 1967 for Dave Johnson who was very successful in races around the British Isles and it was the sign which way Nautor's Swan should go. With each new model the company was more and more respected and Leonardo Ferragamo created a truly global company. As all big and respectable companies, Nautor's Swan successfully melts crafts and highest technology. The company today has a vast range of yachts, and of 1900 Swans produced almost all are still in use.

The company recently presented a new model in the Swan line, the Swan 60. A high-volume interior and a large and well-protected cockpit and race levels of performance are the main characteristics of the new Swan. Swan 60 has an entirely new hull built from advanced materials and still is very comfortable for cruising and fast for offshore racing. The result is very low drag and a long dynamic waterline at displacement and semi-planing speeds. That also brings the advantage of improved sea-keeping qualities.

Swan 60 can be sailed easily by just two people thanks to powered winches and a cockpit layout which places the helmsman within easy reach of the winches. The steering position is carefully designed to allow the helmsman a clear view of the sails and approaching seas. The thinking behind the deck layout is to provide space for more than one activity while sailing or at anchor, yet still allowing unhindered movement around the boat at all times.

Nautor's Swan 60The deck is very spacious and offers the choice of a stylish and clean open transom version or a functional closed transom version which features a sunbathing area and dinghy garage. Moving below deck, the interior has been designed to maximise living space, with plenty of natural light. The galley surprises with ingenious details and design features, making the galley both attractive and absolutely practical to use.

A bit of technical data: Swan 60 has length overall 18.86 m (61.89 ft for our friend across the Atlantic), length of waterline is 16.70 m (54.80 ft), while beam is 5.09 m (16.70 ft). She can carry 400 litres of water and give you joy with the main sail with area of 125.2 mq (1347 sq. ft), fore triangle of 88.0 square metres (947 sq. ft), and jib of 93.9 mq (1010 sq. ft).

But those are just technical features. You should touch her, fell her and take her to blue waters. Then you'll see why the owner of Nautor's Swan say that their hearts are captured forever.


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