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Lux to the max   Marchi Mobile created a vehicle for super rich

eleMMent Palazzo: Gold and marble on wheels

eleMMent Palazzo Want a yacht but have seasick? No problem, get yourself eleMMent Palazzo, a unique recreational vehicle in which you will feel like a king. And you will pay like a king, of course. But it's worth it.

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eleMMent PalazzoA buyer from Dubai bought 40-foot-long eleMMent Palazzo (more than 36 meters), an exclusive home on the wheels, for $3 million. The word is it's covered in gold, absolutely normal demand in Emirate, but it's not just gold that makes this vehicle special. Some call it yacht on the road and that description is quite accurate. eleMMent Palazzo ca be suited to your need but first and foremost this is an outstanding moving home designed to bring you all you need and show your friends that you are loaded.

eleMMent PalazzoMarchi Mobile made different serius of eleMMent: from mobile home or vehicle for your favorite sporting events, to VIP shuttle and promotion vehicle. Rhis mobile mansion was built on the chassis of a DAF XF105, a semi-truck that can be seen on European streets, and its heart is a reliable Volvo engine. Why truck as a basis? First, you need something strong to support something that big, and second, Marchi Mobile wanted to be sure it can stand all that gold, marble, and whatever you might want to add to it.

eleMMent PalazzoThe eleMMent incorporates biomorphic shapes inspired by nature in a symbiotic relationship with design and function. Partially based on the Colani design, the eleMMent offers reduced fuel consumption of up to 20% by its aerodynamics, creating economic and ecologic harmony. No wonder then that you'll be showing your green side while enjoying this road beast. Despite its eco-friendly values, the eleMMent is truly sportive with more than 500 hp, a unique carbon-fiber rear diffuser and double tube sport exhaust.

On top of that, the eleMMent offers a considerably higher safety rating than regular heavy vehicles due to the high compound strength of the glass fiber plastic cabin and the elevated seating position.

eleMMent PalazzoYou can relax with your friends and have a cold drink from one of the bars on your fully automatic liftable flybridge lounge or on the welcoming couch area inside. You can also transform your couch area by the push of a button into a stylish bar furniture. The comfortable retreat is guaranteed by the master bedroom with its own integrated bathroom for a pleasant recovery. A programmed central control provides all important information at a glance. Set-up and dismantling is executed by a graphic interface via touch screen.

eleMMent PalazzoYou can also use eleMMent for business, not just for pleasure. generous business lounge armchairs provide recreation during luxury shopping, gala events or simply your next business meeting. The comfortable, rotating armchairs are equipped with massage function and climate control. information via the integrated information system. Furthermore the interior allows you and your guests to freshen up in the bathroom or take pleasure in a chilled drink from the bar on your way to the next stop. Of course, you have all the amenities and communication means that you could wish for.

The world tour of these products will make North American landfall in early 2015. So, while you are waiting, think about rooftop terrace or fireplace. Yes, you can order that too. If you want true luxury on the road it is time to seriously think about eleMMent Palazzo.

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