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12,3 meters of pure luxury

Volkner mobile homesIf you are a perfectionist, you want to arrive at a business meeting in style - in your Porsche. And you want your car to be spotless. So, how to fight all dust and dirt from the road? Simply put your dream car inside a motor home by Volkner and drive it out at the spot. You will be noticed, believe me.

When Germans decide to make something you can be sure that the quality will be the highest possible. That stands true for Gerhard Volkner, an engineering master who started constructing trailers in the '70s with the motto "Good enough is not good enough". He set so high standards that his vehicles are still in use decades after they were made.

Volkner mobile homesA natural extension of Mr. Volkner's dreams was a motor home built to order that will satisfy any demand from the customer and outperform everything else on the market. From the smallest part up, the goal was to build a home on wheels with everything the current technology can provide. The result: Volkner motor home is in fact a luxurious apartment on wheels, worth to be compared with apartments in the heart of New York.

Volkner mobile homesEvery mobile home is made individually for each customer but all of them share some common attributes. They contain all necessary - and some not so necessary - venues, from washing machine and full-size bathroom to satellite communication system. You may order massage showers with floor heating, choose the kitchen style, ask for built-in audio equipment in a bedroom, you name it, you'll get it.

Volkner mobile homesA word or two about materials and technologies used. On the floor there's genuine wood parquet or marble with granite inlays, crystal glasses are kept in secure glass cabinets, table-ware is in shatter-proof containers, and computer pops-up at your fingertip. Dolby-Surround System is made by Bose, there's 1,000 litre tank with enough water for a passenger bus, an LCD above the washbasin shows is water cold (blue) or hot (red), thermal imaging camera takes care what happens outside at night...

Volkner mobile homesThe driver's cockpit is ergonomically designed, the instrument panel is state of the art with GPS and the Volkner Brainpilot computer system. Brainpilot is using a fibre-optic technology with a touch screen to control all systems, including four heating systems, a sound-proof power system with 4kw generator, a roof-mounted solar panels delivering 1kw of power for the 1360 Ah batteries...

While technology is up to Volkner, design is up to you, so you can order an elegant black leather interior or pink fur in ZZ Top style, whatever you prefer. Of course, fur will be of the highest quality.

Volkner mobile homesEvery room in your motor home has plenty of space and if you still are not satisfied, they'll make a wall that slides out and then your mobile home will look like a presidential hotel suite. The usual length of Volkner mobile home is between 10,5 and 12,3 meters, although you can order a smaller, 8-meter version, and that's enough room to put a car inside. And that's where Volker shines.

Volkner mobile homesIn the patented central garage of Volkner Mobil there's enough room for virtually any car. A 10,5 meters long Volkner can acommodate a Mini Cooper or Smart, and if you have Maserati, Jaguar or Mercedes you will get a bigger, 12,3-meters long version. In both cases the end result is spectacular: The side doors automatically lift up and platform with you in your car gently slides out. You just need to step on the pedal with a James Bond smile on your face.

Volkner mobile homes are pure luxury on wheels with the price of around $1.5 million, without your dream car. Add to that an amazed look on your friends' faces and you can be certain that it's worth every penny.


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