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Green cars   A public bus route in Tel Aviv

Israel to test roads that will charge EVs as it drives on it

Israel roadIn the next step to make electric vehicles more feasible, Israel is now investing in roads that power electric vehicles.

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The Government of Israel along with a start-up Electroad will operate a public bus route in Tel Aviv and will use an under-the-pavement wireless technology to charge the vehicle and eliminate the need for plug-in recharging stations.

If this concept comes through, experts believe that the three biggest hurdles including cost, weight and range will boost the faster adoption of battery powered vehicles.

In an interview to Digital Trends, Electroad CEO Oren Ezer said “We are currently testing the durability of our under-the-road infrastructure.”

The report also said that the Israeli startup has received $120,000 from the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety to test its technology on a half-mile stretch of road in Tel Aviv, opening next year.

If everything goes as per plan then 11 miles of this smart road will be installed between the city of Eilat and the Ramon International Airport.

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