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Traps that just wait for newly named managers

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Ted Blackwater |
New managers
New on the job   A few advice for new managers

When you join manager rank the whole new world opens for you. But, as it the case of all new and unknown places, there are traps all around you. Here are the most common and how to avoid them.

First, you are certainly aware that you are not an employee any more, you are a leader now, but do you really know what that means? Yesterday you were among your colleagues and today you are in your own office. You used to solve a lot of problems by yourself - that's what brought you to your new position in the first place - but what about now? What to do, what to solve, what to delegate?

The answer to that is simple in its nature: stop doing everything by yourself. Maybe you are used to take care of things, maybe you are better and faster than anybody else but you must stop doing that.

Your job now is to delegate, coordinate, and make your people have all resources and clear instruction what to do. Maybe somebody is getting on your nerves and you'd like to take his job right away but don't do that: observe, take notes, and watch who's doing what and who has capabilities to go up and who doesn't.

Then, even the boss has the boss so be sure to know what your boss is expecting from you. Make sure that your duties are clear as a sunny day to you, what are your responsibilities, what is your freedom in dealing with your employees and what goals you should achieve in some time frame.

Connected to that, try to read between the lines - we believe you can do that or you wouldn't be promoted - and identify your boss' priorities. Some bosses are focused on products, some on people, some want innovations all the time, and you should find what it is. That way you will be able to shift your focus and your team to the right task.

Remember, the company is important, but your boss is important too because he also has responsibilities to someone and is paid to deliver. And of course, he has full power to send you back among "mortals".

While at mortals, don't make two mistakes: don't think your ex-colleagues are people worth less than you and, at the same time, don't think you are equal.

In the first case, some young managers tend to show clearly "I'm the boss" attitude and that's the best way to lose the respect right from the start. The second means that you must think about yourself as a leader, as someone who will be an example to all under you.

Love it or not, all eyes are on you now. Make sure they stay on you.

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