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Skills shortage   Before you jump and hire a promising candidate

If you can't find a skilled worker, made one

Skills shortageThere is a shortage of skills, employers say, and it is hard to find good workers who can jump in and bring great results right away. However, if you're not an athletic coach, you don't need workers that jump, you need people ready for a marathon.

So, there is a skills shortage on the market and you have hard time finding right person for all those free positions in your company. As a CEO, you know that you can't spend months searching for talents, so you must find another solution. Fortunately, that solution is simple, and unfortunately many are missing because they either have no will to work on it or they think it's too time-consuming. That second solution is in-house education.

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Before you jump and hire a promising candidate, stop for a while and see are your job descriptions clearly stated, with no blurry places, and with clear responsibilities-reward system. This is important because if you want to train your new employee, both you and she must know exactly what to expect during first period in the company. All duties and responsibilities can be changed later, but for a newcomer everything should be clear from the start.

Then, we hope you do have a training programs in place, do you? That means to have clearly defined training steps, ways of recording the prospective employee's advancement, and what happens if results are not satisfactory. That also means to have skilled mentors in the company that know their job inside out and, equally important, who have well-developed communications skills and can deal with all ups and downs during the training.

Equally important is to have good life-work balance policy. Your training program should be equally accessible to someone ready to spend the whole day in the company and to, for example, a young mother who must go and pick up her child from a kindergarten. Your training must not be all or nothing way of doing things because you don't want rules and regulations to rule employees' lives, instead they should be flexible.

And for the end, no matter for which position your new employee is interested, follow the progress and see is that really something she could do well in your company or there is another position in which she could excel and contribute to your company, and at the same time maintaining her own satisfaction with the job.

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