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Starting small, becoming big   When you are small, you need simple rules

How to turn a startup to a 'proper' company

Growing bigWhen starting a company, it is easy to be carried away with that spectacular new product you will offer to the general public, while neglecting the corporate life that makes it possible in the first place.

To make your startup well and healthy, you must embrace some rules or your product will be lost in the labyrinth of inefficiency.

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The first rule is to establish the boss role. No matter how many founders there are, one of them must be the boss. Forget flat organizations and other trendy topics so popular today, and establish the role of the CEO. Every company must have a person that makes the final decision and that is very important in a startup, a new organization with many chances to go the wrong way.

When you are a startup, you are happy with every small victory, and rightfully so. Since every startup is beginning with small steps, you should be satisfied with small moves forward because that excitement is what keeps you and your colleagues willing to work through tough times toward success.

While celebrating small success, don't forget the next goal. Not that ultimate final goal, but the next step toward your success. In other words, be happy but at the same time think about what you'd like to achieve next. And don't forget to take a look to study could you do something better, maybe your success could've been better, success larger? Try to study it and learn from it.

Don't be afraid to change. We know that you started with one idea but if it isn't working and there are other demands from the market - don't be stubborn. If you can deliver, deliver it. Don't follow your original idea like there's nothing else in the world. Learn from big companies and see how they change in order to survive and stay big.

Keep in mind, it's not a problem to adapt your existing product and change its course, but if you are changing the field completely, you'd most probably have to change other things such as your internal organization or the name of the company. If you see an opportunity to switch from high tech to agriculture, and you can do that, it's silly to keep 'Best Semiconductors' name for an egg producer, isn't it?

However, there is one catch here: Don't change the core business into something you don't love. Every startup that is now a big company succeeded exactly because of that: they loved what they do.

The point is, in a big company you may do what you don't love and still be successful because the market and the size of the company will lead you forward, but this is not the case with a startup: they are founded on love for the job.

If you follow those simple steps, you may create something really big. You'd be surprised how many small companies didn't make it because they were too deep in their product and forgot to establish basic company rules. Don't be one of them.

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