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Radiocarbon dating reveals mass grave did date to Viking age
Viking ageMonday February 5, 2018 7:49AM ET
A team of archaeologists, led by Cat Jarman from the University of Bristol's Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, has discovered that a mass grave uncovered in the 1980s dates to the Viking Age and may have been a burial site of the Viking Great Army war dead.
Astrophysicists discover planets in extragalactic galaxies
planets outside our galaxyMonday February 5, 2018 5:29AM ET
A University of Oklahoma astrophysics team has discovered for the first time a population of planets beyond the Milky Way galaxy.
Sea may claim Britain’s oldest golf club
Royal NorthSaturday February 3, 2018 8:14AM ET
Recent storms have battered Britain’s oldest golf course, leaving staff fearful that it may soon erode to the point of disrepair.
Norway rats trade different commodities
Norway ratsFriday February 2, 2018 6:41AM ET
Researchers of the University of Bern have shown for the first time in an experiment that also non-human animals exchange different kind of favours.
Oklahoma’s earthquakes strongly linked to wastewater injection depth
Oklahoma earthquakesFriday February 2, 2018 5:43AM ET
Man-made earthquakes in Oklahoma are strongly linked to the depth at which wastewater from the oil and gas industry are injected into the ground, according to a new study led by the University of Bristol.
NASA attempts to contact long-lost satellite
IMAGE satelliteThursday February 1, 2018 6:05AM ET
NASA said that it's attempting to contact a satellite it lost more than a decade ago, after it was discovered possibly still alive by an amateur astronomer earlier this month.
Unprecedented detail on bizarre phenomenon that powers the northern lights
Jan EgedalWednesday January 31, 2018 6:44AM ET
Space physicists at University of Wisconsin-Madison have just released unprecedented detail on a bizarre phenomenon that powers the northern lights, solar flares and coronal mass ejections (the biggest explosions in our solar system).
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