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Researchers adapt HIV test in developing rapid diagnostic test for Zika virus
HIV testFriday February 23, 2018 5:54AM ET
Researchers at New York University College of Dentistry (NYU Dentistry), in collaboration with Rheonix of Ithaca, N.Y., are developing a novel test for Zika virus that uses saliva to identify diagnostic markers of the virus in a fraction of the time of current commercial tests.
Commonly prescribed medication linked to stroke
anticholinergicThursday February 22, 2018 8:17AM ET
Medication routinely prescribed for common complaints including allergies, heart disease and Parkinson's has been linked to an increased risk of stroke according to new research from the University of Aberdeen.
Zika virus could help combat brain cancer
brain cancerThursday February 22, 2018 5:42AM ET
Zika virus could be an alternative for treatment of glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive kind of malignant brain tumor in adults.
Unexpected discovery about essential enzyme
essential enzymeThursday February 22, 2018 4:33AM ET
The enzyme that produces DNA building blocks plays an important role when cells divide.
MicroRNA could help treat cancer and asthma
MicroRNAWednesday February 21, 2018 5:33AM ET
A microRNA that regulates inflammation shows promise as a treatment for inflammatory diseases such as asthma and cancer, according to research published in Cell Reports.
Ibuprofen can damage men’s endocrine system
IbuprofenTuesday February 20, 2018 6:23AM ET
Ibuprofen can reduce the production of testosterone in men, shows new research.
Blood and urine tests developed to indicate autism in children
amino acid transportersTuesday February 20, 2018 5:34AM ET
ASDs are defined as developmental disorders mainly affecting social interaction and they can include a wide spectrum of behavioural problems.
Study shows link between chronic pain and common flavor enhancer
Glutamate consumptionMonday February 19, 2018 7:25AM ET
Chronic pain is among the most vexing health problems, including in the developing world, where most research suggests that the prevalence of pain is similar to the United States and other developed nations.
Alzheimer's disease reversed in mouse model
Alzheimer reversedThursday February 15, 2018 5:36AM ET
A team of researchers from the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute have found that gradually depleting an enzyme called BACE1 completely reverses the formation of amyloid plaques in the brains of mice with Alzheimer's disease, thereby improving the animals' cognitive function.
Cancer-fighting nanorobots programmed to seek and destroy tumors
fighting nanorobotsWednesday February 14, 2018 7:17AM ET
In a major advancement in nanomedicine, Arizona State University (ASU) scientists, in collaboration with researchers from the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST), of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have successfully programmed nanorobots to shrink tumors by cutting off their blood supply.
Blocking action of gene enhancers halts spread of tumor cells
gene enhancersTuesday February 13, 2018 7:17AM ET
In one of the first successes of its kind, researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and six other institutions have inhibited the spreading of cancer cells from one part of the body to another.
Experimental therapy restores nerve insulation damaged by disease
nerve insulationTuesday February 13, 2018 5:35AM ET
When the body attacks its own healthy tissues in an autoimmune disease, peripheral nerve damage handicaps people and causes persistent neuropathic pain when insulation on healing nerves doesn't fully regenerate.
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