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With more than 360,000,000 page views per month, POST Online Media is a trusted news website.

POST uses time-based advertising model. That means that your ad is visible on its position to all users during the advertising period. No hassle, no complicated calculations: the ad is visible every time a page is opened.

Cost-effective advertising model. Advertisers can have a top banner ad for as little as $0.019 per thousand impressions. Please scroll below for the price breakdown.

The visitors’ demographic is truly global with the emphasize on the United States, and that makes POST a very suitable medium to spread your messages across different markets.

Pricing is for an advertisement for one month.

Because of their size and readers’ habits, side boxes are the most effective way of advertising, especially in the case of the large 300x600 picture ad.

Desktop ad formats

Business sections (Careers, Politics, Economy, Business, Companies, Earnings, Leadership, Crime, Agrifish)

Side box ad, on all article pages in the chosen section 336x280 $1320

Large side box ad, on all article pages in the chosen section (except section Careers) 300x600 $1980

Rotating ads available, please see below.

Magazine sections (Travel; Sea, Land, Air; Design; Gadgets; Health; Meantime)

Side box ad, on all article pages in the chosen section 336x280 $1188

Large side box ad, on all article pages in the chosen section 300x600 $2016

Rotating ads available, please see below.

Special offers for Careers and Leadership

The special offer is valid for recognized human resource firms, head hunter agencies and freelance head hunters. To see if you are eligible please contact us.

Side box ad, the opening page of the section 336x280 $990

Large side box ad, the opening page of the section 300x600 $1479

Rotating ads available, please see below.

Banners and the home page advertisement

Bottom banner below articles, in the chosen section 728x90 $1056

Bottom banner below the specific article 728x90 $528

Top banner above the website, visible on all pages 728x90 $6600

Ad below the main story, 540x75 $1980

Home page, box ad 300x250 $3960

Home page, large box ad in the upper half 300x600 $7226

Home page, large box ad in Magazine 300x600 $6022

Rotating ads

Up to four advertisers rotate, displaying your ad up to 25% of the viewing traffic. Advertisers have the option of buying additional views at 50% discount, if available. Rotation is random.

Side box ad 336x280 $660

Large side box ad 300x600 $792

Section sponsorship

This place is an excellent way to communicate your message to a highly-targeted group, these ads are visible on all pages in the particular section.

Top banner right below the menu, all pages in the section 728x90 $5280

Text links

Text link inside the specific article, live forever $924

Mobile ad formats

Top ad above the website 320x100 $4400

Ad in the section opening 320x100 $2200

Ad in the article 320x100 $1320

Sponsored content

For sponsored content please contact us at

Cost-effective advertising model

Price breakdown example: Top banner above the website 728x90 $6600. Based on 360,000,000 page views, the price per impression comes down to $0.019 per thousand impressions.

10% discount given for three months ad placements. 10% discount given for all returning advertisers.


Please contact us for details at Ads will be visible on POST in 24 hours.

All measures in pixels. For all technical and other details, please contact us.

You can download printable PDF version of this media kit here.

Histerius cannot guarantee future visits and cannot be held liable for any server-related issues that may results in downtime. Histerius reserves the right to reject any defamatory or sexually explicit advertisement.
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