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Totally modern and cool kids' room

Kids's rooms
For children   Modern, yet very kid-friendly designs

There are two main mistakes when designing a room for your kid: boys blue, girls pink; and "stuff it to the roof!" We'll show you some examples of modern, yet very kid-friendly, modern designs.

Two colorsEvery kid's room on this planet is full of things, from clothes to toys and whatnot, and that by itself is creating a fireworks of colors that define the look of the room almost by itself. Now, if we add to that walls fully painted from top to bottom, we have a design that's more psychedelic than relaxing, a strain on the eye. So, if we want something modern, but still young and playfull, we should take another approach.

Red and brightAnd that approach is "go modern." Modern design is a good base for kid's room because it sets calm, straight lines that leave enough space for some unexpected ideas to shine. There's no need to design the room for your kid with 50 years old ideas in mind, with just two basic colors and more details than you can find in a warehouse. For start, as you would do with the rest of your home, start with a bright color and build on it. Choose another dominant color and let furniture, pillows and other details follow the color.

Kids furnitureThe best thing is, today you can find furniture of all shapes and sizes, with unique functional solutions that save space and that is something you can't have too much when it's about a kid's room. For example, you can go with white/gray furniture and make a totally modern room which is an excellent canvas for your older kid: she will make it her anyway with all her things, and will not be constrained with the imposed design. Bright colors are good because you don't want to create a cave, your child should have as much of natural light as possible.

Wallpaper and detailsIf you really, really like that particular color, you may choose between two solutions. One is to paint part of walls, another is to buy painted furniture. In any case, don't go after big surfaces. Stick to details, use vivid wallpaper, lights or bed sheets to emphasize the primary color and then add furniture and other details in complementary colors. When buying furniture, don't stuff the room. Buy what's necessary and along the way your kid's habits will dictate what should be added. And whatever you do, know that's only the beginning: Your kids will eventually redesign the room to suit their personal taste.


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