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The light from above

ChandelierTo have a comfortable living and working space, you need a good source of light. But it's not enough to be just good, it should be nice enough to embellish your space. Fortunately, there are some very fine chandeliers out there.

Orbit ChandelierOrbit Chandelier is a nice example how retro can fit nicely in a modern space. Well, not quite retro because this chandelier of the Sputnik-like design is retro just by the idea, while the execution is very modern. Polished chrome arms sporadically beam from the chandelier's frame, highlighting its urban and modern flair. It is meant to be places in a modern space where it will bring a flair of joy and there's no doubt it will be a true focal point. It does request a larger room so keep that in mind if you are thinking about get the one for you.

Mother ChandelierMother Chandelier by Baylar Atelier is, well, it's hard to described it simply. It is unusual because it comes almost all the way down to your table (click on the picture to zoom in), it is obviously of very modern lines, but it also has a French style all around it. Since it comes in two sizes and can also be customized to fit your space, it may fit nicely into spaces where you wouldn't see it at the first look. So, if you want a touch of glamour, think about it, especially if other colors go with it.

Young & BattagliaThe pendant lamp by Young & Battaglia is something you will love or hate, there's no middle, but you must admit there's an interesting idea behind it. It has a miniature brass chandelier within the glass pendant bulb, an idea that only a designer thinking outside the bulb can come with. Where to put it? This is easy: It will fit where you see it fit. It's for a modern space, it may even find the spot in your office, it's for those of you with a free spirit, but it it also for those more traditional but willing to try something refreshing.

Office chandelierWhat to choose for your office? If your office is modern, you will most probably start to think about straight lines, about something that looks "modern" from a mile away. Again: Change the perspective. This chandelier is modern, indeed, but it's not boring modern. A bunch of bunch of lights shining from above will lift your office space instantly. You can even put it in an industrial type of space, it will bring life to it and make warmer and more engaging. For your office, you should definitively think about this chandelier.

Chandelier outsideNow, chandeliers live happily inside and make our life brighter, right? Well, we can talk about that first statement. In fact, a chandelier can be a very nice addition to your outdoor space, something that you don't usually expect to be there. And it's just that, the unexpected focal point, that will embellish your outdoor space of tranquility. You can play with shapes and size, but think about more traditional approach, especially if you have more traditional, rustic space. Bring that chandelier outside, it will shine a very interesting light on the bottle of that fine wine.


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