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The art of indoor gardens

Indoor gardensIf you live in an apartment or don't have enough space outside to make a garden, you can invite the garden inside. From plants in pots to elaborated mini-jungles, indoor gardens are perfect places to rest your eyes and skip away from daily chores.

Plants in pots wallOne of the easiest ways to bring the colors of nature in your space is to put several plants in their pots in your room. You can mix different plants of different sizes and colors and arrange them at will until you find the perfect spot for all of them. Don't be afraid of tall plants with big leaves, they will bring a felling of a small jungle into your room. While colors may follow the overall design of your space, this is not a rule: put plants wherever you see them fit and as many as you want. You can replace them any time so - experiment.

Green office wallAn indoor garden is not suitable just for your home, it can be a nice addition to your office too. Since offices tend to be larger than rooms in your home, you can use your imagination in many ways while bringing in greens. Instead, for example, a few plants here and there, you can cover the whole wall in greens and create a place where your employees and clients can rest their eyes and take a break from business chores. Even with the usual, sometimes boring office furniture, greens will take over the room and create a feeling of a working place in nature.

Modern apartmentBig, modern apartments in (mostly) white color may seem cold to some people, especially if different functional parts like bedroom and kitchen are all in one open space. A small indoor garden can save the day and you can have it all: a modern apartment, connected spaces with no walls, and greenery that serves as a focal point and something that will bring lively, organic lines to the space. In a big space you can make a big indoor garden and work, eat, sleep, and live enjoying colors and fragrant of different plants.

Wooden houseIf you live in a wooden house there's nothing more natural than to extend the greenery from outside and bring it inside. That way the walls will have a purely functional role, to protect from the climate, while your space is connected with the outside world. Since wood is all around, you can make a rich garden, big in dimensions and number of plants. The fact that plants are inside means that you can bring in some species from a different climate, a tropical plants for example. If you play a bit with lightning, the jungle feel is guaranteed.

Rough lookAnd while we are at the jungle, take a look at this indoor garden. It's not just a garden, it's your own green cave to hide and refill your batteries. It looks like nobody lived inside for years and plants found their way inside but every detail is here with a reason. Furniture is made of wood, organic lines cover any artificial things that may be inside such as hand wash basin, lightning is soft and dimmed, and walls are rough. This may be a sleeping room, bathroom, or some other room, the point is to have a secluded place where life stops for a moment of tranquility.

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