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Start the day with a bathroom smile

Bathroom amenitiesA bathroom is a room you enter, wash yourself and get out, right? Wrong. It can be much more: A nicely designed space with a touch of luxury and art, and with amenities that will help you start the day in a good mood.

Wildwood LagoIf you want an elegant bathroom piece to provoke "What's this?" disbelief in your guests, the Wildwood by Lago is the piece to go with. An all-in-one counter and sink was designed to create an illusion that water will end up on the floor. The effect created with transparent glass is so amusing, but Wildwood is also a designer's piece that will bring elegance in your bathroom. The sink is the same depth as the counter which is nicely designed. The area below is free of plumbing pipes, which frees some space but also contributes to the overall look.

FoldWhen you have a sink, you need a pipe. Designer Lorenzo Damiani is obviously fascinated with folded things and he brought that fascination to life with Fold which he created for Ceramica Flaminia. Something that is normally considered a flaw, in his hand becomes a piece of art. The visual effect is unique and this is definitively a pipe that would not find its place in any bathroom. It will fit best in a modern space where it will form a style statement and clearly show the owner's love for art.

New Linea Italia Now, one of the pieces no bathroom can live without is the toilet. Here we have not just good-looking piece of ceramics that does the job, we have wonders of 21st centuries built in. The toilet by New Linea Italia combines the look and hi-tech features. A side control lets your operate this toilet's features, like the built-in bidet and its numerous functions. The toilet is a wall-mounted piece so it doesn't take up any floor space. That makes it ideal for compact bathrooms but thank to its modern look it will fit nicely into a larger, modern space.

Agape DR Tub Agape of Italy has its winning card in the world of bathtubs. The company just brought to the martk DR tub for two designed in collaboration with studio MK27, Marcio Kogan and Mariana Ruzante. Agape DR Tub has an organic, free flowing design, with the veener outside which makes it warm and elegant. The design is also Japanese in a sense, very simple but also very elaborated. Agape can be used as a tub for two, so don't hesitate to call your partner to experience this home spa. And if you are alone in it, well, you will feel like a king.

Colección AlexandraYou must have something to keep your towels in and, of course, we have something unusual for you. Colección Alexandra of Spain will give your bathroom a sophisticated style. When you take a look at it we bet you'll think about Louis Vuitton or Orient Express: The design is baggage-inspired with details like handles and buckles, leather edging and corners, and decorative studs. If you like luxury and original pieces with beautiful design, you will love Colección Alexandra. What's more, matching mirrors, complementary faucets, and toilets in porcelain and marble are also available to make the look complete.


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