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The iMac shines again
new aluminum apple imac computerSunday August 19, 2007 2:15PM ET
There are some things that you can't categorize easily and the line between the function and design is very thin. The products of Apple company have always fit that description: They look fantastic, but they are still very functional. The iPod fulfilled the need of many: Music where I want, when I want, and precisely that song that I want. Apple's iTunes rendered buying of unwanted songs obsolete. The teens, adults and elderly now can enjoy their favorite songs while holding superior design in their hands.
Italian connection
italian office furnture mobiliTuesday August 14, 2007 2:55PM ET
There are two ways to choose the office furniture: we can choose a consultant and say "Do it", or we can spend some time on searching. Since we know that time is money most uf us will probable choose the Option No1. However, there should be some control about how the office furniture is chosen and where it is bought. You do not wear sport shoes during the business meeting. So, why would your wall be "decorated" with ugly and worthless furniture? Your office furniture creates a picture of you and your company.
Cali Bamboo: Good for panda, good for nature, good for you
cali bambooMonday August 6, 2007 4:16PM ET
In the beginning when the Earth was still young the gods Bathala, Aman Sinaya and Amihan were the only beings that existed. Bathala was god of the Sky and Aman Sinaya was goddess of the Sea. They've been rivals for a long time. Bathala used his lighting bolts and thunder, and Aman Sinaya used her waves and typhoons.
Troubles of readjustment
elitis wallpaperWednesday July 25, 2007 1:01PM ET
Last few months we are dedicated to renovations. And last few weeks it was 40 Celsius outside, good weather to heart attack, but we where in full speed. First, we did some really urgent stuff in our cottage. You know: mowing (now I understand what does it mean "growing like a grass", painting summerhouse in courtyard and painting the fence.
When Pininfarina meets external hard disk
pininfarina design simpledriveTuesday July 17, 2007 4:03PM ET
The best things in design happen when the look and functionality became one. Without a functionality you end up with "cool" device that does nothing, except maybe sits on top of a pile of your business cards. Without a good design you have a functional thing, and function is important, I admit, but so ugly that you'll put in the drawer.
Combination of Mediterranean passion, German precision and da Vinci’s art
jaume tresserra furniture designSunday July 8, 2007 5:49PM ET
Ask the designer what is the most difficult task and the answer will be: "To create a timeless piece." And it stands true. For how many designs, from print to industry to furniture, we can say it's timeless? They can be counted using number below five. And while we all agree that "Einsteins" are born every few centuries, we are lucky to live in time of one of the greatest furniture designers of our time: Jaume Tresserra.
The best milk in living innovation
nespresso lattissima delonghiWednesday June 20, 2007 2:57PM ET
Weather you like Nespresso coffee or not, their Lattissima machine if a fine piece of design. Following the well-known path, after collaborating with Porsche, Nespresso formed "joined forces" with Italian De’Longhi. Since everything in De’Longhi is about "living innovation" it was clear that the final product will be fine piece of craft.
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