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Old English industrial toaster

DualitDualit is a British manufacturer of kitchen equipment, being famous for their range of toasters.

A single look at the Dualit toaster reveal its British origins. The design is retro classic, a true tribute to British design with very stylish profile. The toasters, invented by engineer Max Gort-Barten in 1946, are hand made at Dualit. We don't know for sure how long it takes to produce one toaster we know that they look sturdy and it seems they will live forever.

DualitKnowing that toast is a part of British lifestyle it is not surprising that Dualit pays so much attention to design and production of their toasters. Dualit make catering equipment and has a broad range of products for kitchen, from toasters to coffee makers to corkscrews, and every line is created following the functional structure and durability. Each product is designed with an elegant appearance in harmony with its hard-working components. Dualit toasters are widely known as the best in the world and we believe that their insisting on hand-made products lead to that status.

Dualit recently introduced its iconic toaster with electronic operation, the first big change in company’s 50-year history. The colour is added and the result is a toaster that is easier to use and more energy efficient. Be it in colour or stainless steel, your Dualit toaster will make fine toast, English muffins, bagels and even sandwiches. Depending on country, you'll pay some 400 dollars for the Dualit toaster, but it is worth every cent and every penny.

DualitThe Dualit toasters have extra wide 28 mm toasting slots to accommodate chrome plated Sandwich Cages. They are available in two models, a 2+1 version for toasting in 1,2 or 3 slots and comes with one Sandwich Cage. The 2+2 version which has the option to toast 1, 2 or 4 slices and comes with 2 Sandwich Cages. Dualit patented so-called ProHeat element which increases toasting efficiency and element longevity. The toaster has switches to control the degree of browning, and an ejector system which does not pop up but stay warm until the lever is pushed up.

DualitSo, can we compare Dualit and some no name toaster? No, we can't. You can buy a toaster for few dollars and that's exactly what you get: a toaster worth few dollars with short and pity lifespan. However, Dualit toaster is like a kitchen Bentley. It looks beautiful, if can stand tons of toast made in it and it is very smart. When the timer ends you won't hear a bell, just click, and your toast will not pop up. That way the toast will stay warm for up to 10 minutes. A wonderful functionality because you must not jump to pull your toast out right away.

Dualit is old English industrial toaster that make perfect toasts. A truly refreshing product in the age of cheap, plastic things coming from I don't know where.


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