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Make your rooftop a sanctuary for a lot of fun

Outdoor space   Fabulous rooftop decks

If you have an unused rooftop you have an access to, no matter how small it may be, there is no excuse not converting it into a small oasis with a beautiful look and gorgeous feel.

Oak HillA rooftop is a place we are not paying much attention to, but it can be our additional living room, a small oasis in the fresh air, just like this example from Oak Hill Architects. What's even better, it doesn't have to be big and you don't have to spend much to make an interesting space out of it. Some waterproof flooring, a few furniture pieces and some plants will convert a dull, empty space into an open area where you can spend every free moment relaxing or even working if you work from home.

Chicago Green DesignChicago Green Design decided to use every inch of an empty rooftop and they made almost a whole apartment, the only thing that's missing is a ceiling above. Designed in bold yellow color, this rooftop has it all: from lounge chairs to plenty of plants to full-fledged kitchen. This is the space that calls for fun and entertainment all day long. Although it has everything you need, it is not crowded and there is enough room for all guests you might have.

Matthew CunninghamOn the other hand, there is an example of a small rooftop that looks too small to be usable but it isn't so. You can always find some garden furniture with interesting shapes and colors and with just a few pieces and wood flooring you're halfway through. The other half, Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design shows, will be done when you choose plants that will surround you. It's easy and fast to make, and with little effort you are on the top of your outdoor world.

Forte BuildingWhen we said you can make another room above, we meant it. Forte Building Group did just that: this rooftop has furniture, a carpet and even a fireplace. Definitively not something you would expect to find on the top of your home. However, all that functions very well. The fireplace is an obviously center and everything else is placed in front of it. The rest of the rooftop is left empty which can mean just one thing: this rooftop is ready for a party.


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