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Kitchens with childhood memories, made in Italy

Old EnglandA kitchen can be much more than just a place where you prepare food. It can bring back childhood memories of your grandmother's warm cakes and tranquil old days. Marchi Group of Italy is devoted to bring you the spirit of old Mediterranean easy-going lifestyle.

Old EnglandOld England kitchen has all the British savour of afternoon tea, double-decker buses, crimson telephone booths, and love of tradition. This kitchen evokes all things English country. The soft lacquering available in colours such as dove, beige and pea green, refined with brass finishes, creates an attractive and prestigious atmosphere. This kitchen is perfect for a couple of newlyweds but also for a family with a bunch of children around the kitchen table. Old England has an authentic atmosphere and a pleasing composition.

DhialmaDhialma is a kitchen designed for those who love to live in harmony with nature, and who appreciate the interior that transforms daily routine into a place of relaxation. Inspired by the Mediterranean where life seems to stand still, Dhialma evokes the brightness, tranquility and dreams of Mediterranean easy-going. This solid wood country-style kitchen, which comes with top electrical appliances, reveals the modernity of pewter, a metal alloy used since ancient times to make tableware and tools. This is a comfortable welcoming kitchen, peaceful and relaxing.

DoraliceDoralice brings the charm of country houses with their coloured plastered walls and sloping old terracotta tiled roofs, bring back happy memories and a touch of nostalgia. Thanks to the marble cobblestone and the walnut dye, this kitchen acquires a very welcoming rural touch with elegance. A custom-made solid wood country-style kitchen, it comes with electrical appliances of the best brands. Doralice is a kitchen designed for those who feel the need for the simple things of the past, rediscovering the long-forgotten pleasure of quiet country life.

GranducaGranduca is a light romantic kitchen with all the flavours of Provence... a place for all the family, for a chat over a cup of coffee, playing with the children, trying out a cake inspired by a grandmother's recipe... childhood memories. The warm sun of Southern France, the fragrance of lavender and mixed herbs inspire this colour palette: pastel shades of lilac and yellow on white. Manufactured with prestigious materials, Granduca is made with solid wood, treated marble tops and special wooden finishes that highlight its beauty and elegance.

OperaOpera is a combination of white and dark colors, creating a play of light and shadow that reflects the activities of daily life. The central island with incorporated cooker hob or the refined taste of unexpected glass panelling on the dresser doors recall old Victorian kitchens and warm family atmosphere. Those who choose an Opera' kitchen, do so because of its exclusive style, a blend of past and present, yet with a hint of futuristic technology; a kitchen to be enjoyed as the heart of the home, a place for rediscovering the pleasures of family life, day after day.

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