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Interior design   Green, the most restful color for your eyes

Green in interior, tranquility in soul

Green interiorIn both eastern and western cultures green color is a symbol of harmony, life and balance. It is also a color that can make your interior fresh and relaxed.

Green walls detailsIf you are trying to calm down, surround yourself with calmness. It sounds like a Zen saying but it's true. In other words, surround yourself with green color. Walls are an obvious choice but, as is the case with all big surface, don't overdo it: choose a lighter shade and instead of using strong color on the wall, use strong color on details. Lighter shade on big surfaces will calm down your space and bold details in different shades of green will ad a bit of energy and dynamics.

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Bold greenHowever, if you like bold statements, don't be afraid to use different shade of green on big surface but in that case choose a pattern because it will make the room more interesting. Go with several kinds of green and bright colors that go well with green and don't forget that you don't have to change all your furniture and paint everything. Green is the color that goes well with many other colors so you can choose it to accentuate your existing space.

Green other colorSo, you'd like to enter some green but you really, really like, say, pink color? No problem! Nobody said your furniture and other details must be one-color story. You may opt for multi-color upholstery, pillows and other details that have prominent green. No matter do you like geometric or organic shapes, the number of possible green-something combination is endless. When choosing that other color make sure it goes well with other things you already have in your space and that's it.

Green focal pointBut what to do if you have a small space or you can't afford to change to green everything you want? In that case choose an object that is the focal point of your room already and change it to green. If you're afraid it will be too much, don't be: you need a strong statement anyway and by making one thing strong green you will make your whole room greener. Shade? The brighter, the better. Let is stand out and amaze your friends until your add some more green details.

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