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Flowers, flowers all around us

Flower designIt won't be long until the spring come and when it comes we want you to be design-ready. Here's our choice of flower-inspired design pieces for your home.

Kenneth Cobonpue Bloom chairsInstead of buying a "standard" chair, no matter what the word means to you, try those Kenneth Cobonpue Bloom chairs, a design inspired by the Hibiscus flower. Not only they are of very unusual and beautiful design, they are also handmade: thousands of stitches are spreading from the center of the seat, all shaped in microfibre to give you the unique look and sitting fell. The base if made of steel and for the flower itself you can choose among yellow, red, lime green, moss green and black color. One of these chair will lift the mood in any space, be it design-centric home or a creative office.

Free by FuturaNow, along with the chairs there must be some sofa, right? Recliner sofa called Free by Futura is a piece that mixes flower inspiration and modern design. Its main purpose is to be the center of the lounge living so it's ideal for welcoming your guests but it will also fit nicely into, say, a less formal waiting room in the company. You can recline every petal independently to find the ideal sitting position and the base can be in chrome or black. This is one of the piece that can be installed into a modern of more traditional space.

Bloom lamps Kare DesignFor the table near your flower chairs a nice flower lamp would fit just fine. Well, we found something for you: Bloom lamps by Kare Design. There can't be more flower-inspired design than this but this design is not kitsch, not even close. That's a very playful flower lamp which place is in a modern space where they will give a bit of joy and it will make you smile. The base can be shaped at will, so you can adjust the lamp as you wish and need. This lamp will surely make your night happier and day more artistic.

Clark Sorensen urinalsWe must not forget the restroom, a space that many people don't take seriously. Fortunately, Clark Sorensen has restrooms in mind. That artist is making flower shaped urinals from the very best porcelain, the one you will find in the fine commercial toilets, but he is giving them a soul. Each and every piece is hand-made and built to order, so you can take some of his work or give him your own idea. Mr. Sorensen is also working on sinks, so you may choose what you like more in the shape of the flower. In any case, we are sure Salvador Dalí would love to have one of these. Do you need a better recommendation?


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