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Fold it!   Use your space to the max

Flexible furniture for clever use of space

Flexible furnitureSmart design can help us maximize precious space in compact city apartments and it can be very vivid and playful at the same time.

TransformerTransformer is a cleverly engineered piece great for small spaces. It switches from a coffee table to a console table, to even a dining table for four with ease, thanks to its gaslift-extending aluminium frame and fold-out MDF top. It's elegant design makes it perfect for modern, minimalist environments. However, it is nice enough to think about bringing it in more elaborate space, and even in the office when it can lift the usual strict design to a more playful level.

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HexaHexa coffee table isn’t a regular table, although it can function a such. This colourful and dynamic table will help you with the creation of a space for parties and extra guests. Dinner can be a pleasure because you can adjust the table to suit your preferences. You can hide the six slides and arrange a regular dinner table. The wood frame of this unique furniture looks elegant and stylish. No matter where you are going to palace the table, it can always be adapted to your space and style.

Hidden bedWhat to you say about a hidden bed - right in the middle of your room? Yes, that's possible to have and to have it nice. If you think about it for a while, there's no need to have a folding bed glued to the wall if it's box is nicely done and with some additional elements. For example, when you lift this bed up, you'll get a nice shelf with your book and other shelves usually are there for. Its neutral colours make it a perfect companion to any design style and it will fit nicely to smaller spaces.

Couch bedIf you are a young couple, we have something very nice for you: couch-bed. Well, we just made up that name but it is just that: a two-seater that turns into two beds in no time. When you are sitting on it, there's no way somebody would think this is anything else but a nice colourful place to rest, but in a few move you have two beds, one above other, and all that in minimum space. It can be used for children too, so this vivid piece of furniture is something that can easily find its place in any space.

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