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Distinctive design of creative bathroom sinks

Washbasins   Sophistication in your bathroom

Washbasins are all the same: rounded or circular, very similar boxes with just a few details that stand apart. Fortunately, there are designers that can break that tradition with original thinking.

AmmoniteAmmonite Concrete washbasin by Conti, with its spiral drain, follows organic shapes and creates an interesting game of flowing water. It is absolutely unexpected shape in any bathroom and that's exactly what makes is so interesting. The combination of an organic inner part and clear, straight outer lines connects this washbasin with other bathroom elements with straight geometrical shapes. This is a very interesting design without going too far into an eccentric piece.

AbiskoFor those of you with a bit larger bathroom and love for natural shapes, Abisko washbasin from Eumar is a concept worth to be seen. It is inspired by free water flow in nature, it's functionality doesn't include obligatory drain below, it rather allows water to freely go down a floor-level grill. This is a sculptural piece that serves two purposes: too add a piece of art to your bathroom, and to inspire you to connect with the nature and resources it gives us.

ArchitectsAnd now something totally different, to the fullest meaning of the word. Architects C + L were thinking about water flowing on waterfalls or stones and came with an unusual washbasin shape that connects nature and industrial design. Their design may remind you on a radiator but it also looks as clean-shaped stones. Thanks to it, it will fit nicely to a modern bathroom and it will also be a nice addition to a traditional one.

Skin BasinSkin Basin by Daniele Lago digs into the very substance of your walls. In an unusual move, the wall covering detaches almost as if it were a skin, and from this simple gesture, this basin emerges. Skin is ideal in sophisticated and elegant settings, and it comes in mosaic as well as resin, so you can choose the model that suits you best. It's not often that we see such an original idea for such a standard bathroom piece. This is a true design statement you'll enjoy every day.


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