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Cozy window seats   One the most loved elements in a home

Decorate a space below the window and enjoy the sunlight

Windows seatsIn never ending quest for space in our apartments, we tend to overlook something that's right in front of us: the space below windows. That empty space can be turned to a nice relaxation zone with just a bit of imagination.

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Modular unitsThere are few types of window seats and one the most spread are modular units with doors or drawers. This is an obvious solution that works well: you get an additional storage space and with few pillows or a mattress it becomes a new favorite spot to sit down and relax. However, that no fuss solution works best in a traditional home and might not be the best way to go in modern living spaces. In that case you'll have to play a bit with different solutions.

Retractable tableInstead of having closed boxes, you may opt for a shelf-style bench with weaved baskets. This is a cheap solution and you can change baskets with books and other items you want to expose. Or you can go a step further and get a closed box on wheels: when you are not using it, you can put it under the sitting area and when you pull it out it becomes a cute coffee table. You can also get yourself a custom-made retractable coffee table, which in essence is just a board the can be pulled out when needed.

DIY seatIf your think that wouldn't fit well in your modern home, think about a very simple yet effective DIY solution. Measure the space you'd like to convert to a sitting area, order a board to measure and buy metal legs to your taste. Few screws here and there and you got it: your unique piece of furniture that just waits to see colorful pillows and cushions to make it shine. If the sitting area is long, rolled pillows will add a touch of glamour and that "Roman party" style.

BathroomAnd don't forget the kitchen and the bathroom. Those are places where the space below windows is sometimes unused, so why not use it? In the kitchen a small, nicely decorated place will come handy to a weary cook to rest her legs, and in the bathroom it's always easier to sit down while dressing instead of jumping around on one foot, trying to put a sock on another. Choose a material for the mattress and few fluffy pillows that follow the overall design of your home and transform your windows seat into something special.


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