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Combination of Mediterranean passion, German precision and da Vinci’s art

jaume tresserra furniture designAsk the designer what is the most difficult task and the answer will be: "To create a timeless piece." And it stands true. For how many designs, from print to industry to furniture, we can say it's timeless? They can be counted using number below five. And while we all agree that "Einsteins" are born every few centuries, we are lucky to live in time of one of the greatest furniture designers of our time: Jaume Tresserra.

Jaume Tresserra is Spanish designer who studies law and sometimes later in his life started to create jewelry and enrolled Barcelona Escola Massana. Like other great designers, he he worked in several fields, and finally started to design exclusive furniture. Jaume's decision to start his own company was the right move. At the International Furniture Fair of Valencia he was awarded with the prize "Best Design of Modern Furniture" and it was his first collection!

jaume tresserra furniture designA year later the collection is warmly welcomed at Milan International Furniture Exhibition, and it is nominated for design award of the magazine Nuevo Estilo Designs. After that, the awards and recognitions seem to stand in row: from Tokyo to New York to Cologne, Tresserra is praised as the greatest designer of our time.
Although it may seem a bit exaggerated, a look at Jaume's current 54-pieces collection reveals us the food for the soul. His design looks so timeless and not attached to any concrete period, while at the same time so modern. The current collection of tables, chairs, desks, armchair, lamps, and vases blend the best materials and best craftsmanship, all under the very precise eye of designer. While simple in shape at the first look, the second look reveals the well-thought details and excellent, we must say once again, craftsmanship.

jaume tresserra furniture design Tresserra pieces fit nicely into very expensive yacht, a Casablanca club or just an ordinary house. In every of those surrounding those pieces will add and an extra dimension of beauty and style. While it is furniture, at the same time it is not furniture. It is a work of art.

Take for example a white walnut wood with natural varnishes (applied by hand, of course), and metal parts of brass with chrome or silver-plated finish. The leather used is of highest quality, same as the carpets made of fine, purest wool.

One thing that connects all of the Tresserra pieces is warmth and modernism. His furniture is a combination of Mediterranean passion, German precision and da Vinci’s art.

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