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Color on top of your countertop

Kitchens   Timeless can easily turn to boring

When choosing a countertop it's easy to go safe and choose something "timeless" but it's even easier to get something boring. With a bit of courage, you can have a whole new world of colors in your kitchen.

Light darkSingle-color countertops are popular because they are easy to choose: You simply follow a dominant color in your kitchen and take something that will either follow it or calm it down. White is the choice if you want a clean, it-will-last-forever look, while dark colors look bit more serious and expensive. Either way, you may end up with a nice kitchen with a boring countertop that has it function but with a flat design.

MarbleWhen choosing a countertop, there are two things to think about first: the material and the design statement you want to show. When you choose marble, granite, wood or something else, it is time to ask yourself do you want just a piece of stone sitting there or maybe it can be something bold and vivid. Since colors should be in harmony, your quest will start with the dominant kitchen color in mind and you will build from there.

Small patternFloor color, countertops and cabinetry are three major components of the color scheme in your kitchen and elements that visually define your kitchen. So, they will - thanks to their large area - dominate and create the feel in your kitchen. Along with the color, you may play with the countertop's surface: it may be glossy, matte, textured or flat. In any case, step away from a single color and look around for something more exciting.

Large patchesTo make things simple and the design well-thought, choose either one dominant color or go for multiple-color design with somewhat equally distributed colors. If you want to make your kitchen look bigger, let one color be white and other colors any you like because white will go well with any of them. If you want something vivid in multiple colors, choose the design with patterns to create a unique visual effect. In any case, step away from usual one-color solutions and you will be rewarded with a fresh and unique look.


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