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Coffee-maker to die for

Jura Impressa Z7Are you proud of your expensive coffee making machine bought to impress friends? Well, take a look at the name and if it doesn't read "Jura" throw it in the garbage can and buy one of Jura automatic coffee centers.

There are coffee-makers and there are Jura coffee centers. The difference? First are making coloured water that tastes like coffee, the latter are state of the art coffee making machines with Swiss engineering behind them.

Jura Impressa Z7Jura is one of the few companies that won't put a product on sale if it is not polished to perfection. Jura Impressa Z7 is one of their products for true coffee lovers, for people who want to enjoy every drop, be it a hot ristretto in the morning or warm cappuccino at the end of a working day. First, Jura automatic coffee centers are fast and easy to operate. They grind, tamp, brew and self-clean in less than 60 seconds. And in those 60 second they provide more choices in coffee volume and coffee strength than any coffee-maker.

Jura Impressa Z7Beans are the foundation of a perfect coffee and grinding just before brewing assures the highest yield of flavor and aroma. Grinder is made of solid steel and you can choose one of six fineness for any type bean. It is a low noise model so you can use it any environment and an electronic bean level sensor will warn you when it's time for refill. There is also an automatic pre-ground coffee funnel system.

Swiss engineers also developed a fluid system that guarantees the best crema for your coffee. It is velvety, intense and aromatic. It can be of ultimate taste thanks to the intelligent pre-heating system which ensures that every espresso and ristretto has the optimum temperature.

You have your favourite cup? No problem: the cappuccino spout can be adjusted on a continuous scale by up to six inch to suit all latte macchiato glasses, a unique feature for automatic speciality coffee machines for domestic use.

Jura Impressa Z7Jura Impressa Z7 features eight pre-set beverage buttons: 3 different single cup buttons, 1 one touch cappuccino/latte button, 1 one touch latte macchiato button, 1 milk button, 1 hot water button, and 1 special cup button. All buttons are programmable: five coffee strengths, three coffee temperatures, cup sizes from .5 to 16 oz., milk production from 3 to 120 seconds. You can also rename them and personalize all beverage buttons with your own names.

The maker can display messages in eight languages and it features metric and non-metric display, so it's perfectly usable in any part of the world.

Jura Impressa Z7This impressive machine is an eco-machine: in Energy Save Mode Jura Impressa Z7 uses 40% less energy than its counterparts. It features the Zero-Energy Switch which turns the machine off after coffee preparation and the automatic switch-off rinse. However, that switch off doesn't make Z7 any slower: while you pick up your perfect cappuccino, used coffee grounds are discarded and you can immediately start dreaming about another cup of crema coffee.

The design combines purest luxury, elegance and sophistication. The lines reflect the shape of the coffee bean, only the high-quality materials are used, and as the final touch there are amber and white cup illumination to make your perfect coffee shine.

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