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Chairs to rock, beds to swing

Chairs to rock, beds to swingTo redefine traditional concepts of chairs and beds is not an easy task but with a bit of imagination designers managed to mix the best of both worlds. For some products it is hard to tell is it a chair or a bed, but one thing is for sure: they are incredibly comfortable.

Rocking BedDesigner Joe Manus wanted a bed where you could "Dream your dreams, love your lover, and rest your soul" and he very much achieved that. Built for indoor slumber or stargazing in the backyard, the Rocking Bed comes with a rubber stop that allows you to lock the bed in place or let it rock freely. The carbon steel frame can be blackened or brushed, and the wooden base is available in pine, oak, walnut or calico. Like all of Shiner International's pieces, this bed is built from up-cycled materials. This bed is designed to adapt to your every mood and no doubt you will sleep in it like a baby.

Odu RockerDesigned by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann of Confused-Direction, the Odu Rocker has no defined front and back. This comfortable chair/bed/shell is both a focal point of your room and the place for relaxed resting. A simple move adjusts its gravitational center: Sit forward and Odu is a chair, slide back and it's a recliner, slide further back and it's a bed. The outer shell is made of fiber laminate and epoxy resin; the inner core is upholstered in soft, skin friendly micro fiber of 20 different color choices.

PlacenteroThe fiberglass Placentero lounge chair by Batti, the fiberglass Placentero lounge chair got its name from "placenta" and "pleasure". The chair itself is pleasurably comfortable giving you the chance to make any movement and create whichever the position you like. It is stable in any position, even when is upside-down. The outside sphere plastic surface is fiberglass and is finished with coat-gel which helps to erase scratches using polish paste. The seat's leather comes in multiple colors.

SwayMarkus Krauss designed a comfortable, versatile and spacious armchair that also acts like a rocking chair. Sway is a visually light rocking chair consisting of a padded seat and a steel frame. Uniformly upholstered across its entire seating surface, Sway's unique design allows for many seating positions, including seating for two. The specially developed telescopic mechanism allows the chair to be used in a number of end positions: armchair, sofa or chaise longue... based on your mood. Each Sway is handmade in Germany.

CradleSeven designers, Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kalivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Cambell, Jeremy Brooker and Joya Boerrigter, named their rocking chair Cradle as it epitomizes what the chair is all about. It is about creating a safe, comfortable, and relaxing space in which your can dissipate the overstimulation of your senses. This shell has a wooden frame and it will suit you best it you have a warm, nature-oriented, and a bit grunge interior design. However, you should try it in other spaces, too, it may be a welcomed addition to a modern room.

MamulengoAnd now, a redefiniton of a rocking chair, something different from grandmothers' old chairs known all too well. Mamulengo by Edoardo Baroni is is meant to stand out in any environment and fells in a category of products loved by fans of modern design but still suitable for more calm and traditional environment. Mamulengo is made of plywood slices of different seizes, assembled horizontally in four key points and holding together as a whole. The chair remains see-through both from front/back and from the sides, which gives it and airy look.


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