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Beauty of the stone

Stone interiorStone is a material that adds a strong accent to any interior or exterior space. It can make a home look organic, it can add a royal touch or create a relaxed environment.

Stone outsideStone is used in architecture from ancient times thanks to its properties: it is durable, comes in a huge number of visual and structural varieties, and it is easily available. Its best characteristics is its ability to fit in any space. The first thing that comes to mind is to use stone as an outside wall around the house or backyard. It will add a sense of privacy and "do not disturb" message but it can also create a peaceful corner in your yard, ideal for a relaxation after a long, busy day.

Stone kitchenStone can be also a very nice addition in the kitchen but not just as a countertop, something people usually do, it can be nicely used on bigger surfaces. If we have wooden kitchen elements with strong or somewhat boring lines we can use stone with organic texture and play with light. That will soften elements' lines, add contrast to the space to make it more playful and visually interesting. We can play with colors to achieve a contrast strong enough to make the kitchen interesting but not too strong, we want stone to fit in naturally.

Stone interiorThe beauty of stone, natural or cultivated, is that it can be used on smaller surfaces and still add a touch of unexpected. We can use smaller stone with softer texture, for example, and make a natural frame around an interesting picture that will add to its story. We can even put the stone on one whole wall in our home office and make it look like a million dollar corner office in a multinational company. The point here is to choose strong, bold stone type that will add seriousness and trust to the space, two characteristics every business should have.

Stone bedroomOur bedroom is part of the home when we can achieve the most dramatic look if we add some stone to it. We can use big pieces with color variants to create an effect of a warm, protected cave to which we can add colorful linen for a happy, joyful feeling. The best thing is that we can use broken lines and combination of several shades to create an interesting but still calm space that will be equally nice in the dark evening and bright morning light. And if we add a few carefully chosen wooden pieces, we'll get a room so joyful that we will never want to leave it.


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